August 3rd, 2013 – Mt. Kearsarge, Kearsarge Trail

A group of 7 Trailwrights and a friend of Trailwrights spent a combined 60 hours rehabilitating the first 100 yards of the Kearsarge trail. This section contained a boggy area through which passed a badly deteriorated turnpike and a large mud pit immediately above it.

We worked basically in 2 groups of 4 each. One group worked with the badly deteriorated turnpike section accomplishing the following: Refurbished approximately 170 feet of turnpike by relocating timbers on west side (left side facing up hill) effectively narrowing the treadway that had been pushed aside by roots and years of neglect. Removed roots and other growth on treadway between and on the timbers primarily on the west side. This was needed to move the timbers. Crushed rocks with a sledge hammer to create small stones for use on the turnpike treadway. Widened the drains between the sections of turnpike to increase drainage from the west side drains and the bog on the west side to get it headed somewhat down slope on the east side. Gravel quarried in the woods farther up trail was placed on treadway between timbers effectively increasing the tread height at or near to the height of the timbers. More gravel is required to complete the improvement. Secured relocated west side timbers and end timbers between the sections with metal spikes and /or wooden stakes to keep them in position. Added a ditch along most of the west side of the turnpike. Brushed along both sides of the turnpike.

The other group set step stones in the large mud pit immediately above the turnpike and accomplished the following: Removed the logs and other debris from the mud pit. Installed 13 step stones with scree in the large mud pit from rocks quarried in the vicinity. Enlarged the ditch at bottom of mud pit to get water out and into the woods on the east side.

All in all, a great day weather wise, with significant improvements made and virtually no interference from biting bugs. Another work day will be planned to complete the rehabilitation. – Bruce

Before trailwork.
As viewed from the parking lot.