About Us

The Organization

Trailwrights, Inc. is a non-profit volunteer organization, the purpose of which is to promote environmentally sound techniques of trail maintenance and safe ethical hiking practices. To this end, Trailwrights has sponsored hundreds of trail maintenance workshops and hiking/backpacking workshops. Trailwrights has also organized the restoration of the New Hampshire Trails Day program.

We are made up of volunteer men and women who enjoy hiking and care about the maintenance and use of hiking trails.

We’re Unique

Trailwrights is the only trail maintenance group of its kind because our emphasis is on education and we do not limit our efforts to any particular trail system. Our leadership has many years of experience in the fields of hiking, trail building and maintenance. We will help wherever it is feasible for us to go.

Who may take advantage of the services provided by Trailwrights? Many local conservation groups, government land management departments, recreation associations and others who are responsible for thousands of acres of New England’s most beautiful land. Many of these holdings are laced with trails which do not receive the benefit of regular, essential maintenance.

That’s where Trailwrights comes in. We will not take over the maintenance tasks from these groups, but we will show them whatever they need to know to protect their pathways and even help them design and construct new trails to enhance their property.

What We Do

Each project is conducted as an all day workshop involving its participants in the following:

  • Trail Maintenance and Management
  • Trail Planning and Design
  • Erosion and Drainage Control
  • Trail Hardening
  • Rock Step Construction
  • Bridge Building
  • Bush and Blowdown Removal
  • Trail Marking – Blazes and Cairns
  • Tool Use, Safety and Care

Our work season generally runs from mid-April to mid-November.

In addition, Trailwrights presents as an educational tool, slide/lectures for groups interested in learning what is involved in all aspects of trail maintenance.

We will also prepare programs on specific subjects as requested to go along with hands-on sessions held on our workshops and on your trail systems.


What is required to qualify for help from Trailwrights? All we require is a serious commitment to the care of trails, and volunteers eager to learn and perform the skills that we teach.

There is no fee for our services. Contributions in time or money are greatly appreciated. However, we depend almost completely upon donations to fund our efforts. We also bid on a limited amount of contract work to help defray expenses.

It is not necessary for you to have your own tools. Trailwrights has a mobile tool trailer with a complete complement of tools allowing us to complete any project.

Trailwrights Constitution and Bylaws