Hiking & 72 Summits Club

Hiking with Trailwrights

Trailwrights remains active throughout the year by leading hikes designed not only to teach methods, principals and theories of four-season hiking, but also to serve as a forum to indicate examples of good and poor trail work and how they affect the environment.

Trailwrights offers, to the public and its members, hikes and skills workshops such as; map and compass and winter hiking. Hikes vary from easy family to difficult bushwhacks.

Hike descriptions, dates, and locations are listed in our Trailwrights newsletter and on this website. Family participation is encouraged.

Trailwrights 72 Summits Club

Purpose: To provide an opportunity and a challenge to the serious hiker in a mountain environment; to develop his or her skills in areas of navigation on and off trails; to spread the impact of hikers over a larger area and less often visited peaks; to discover each peak as a unique entity; and to give the hiker a well-rounded experience in mountain weather and topography; and to provide an awareness of stewardship for the trails we enjoy.

Requirements: Hike to and from the 72 peaks on the official list, and complete 72 hours of documented trail work.



PDF List of 72 Peaks

  1. Hikes/Bushwhacks start and finish on foot from any maintained road, class V or better, parking area, or U.S. Forest Service roads open for traffic. Exception: Mt. Washington auto road cannot be driven (not recommended to hike this road).
  2. Each peak must be climbed individually; therefore, only one peak counts per hike or backpack.

Trail Work:

  1. Must be with or for an organized group or club, and be recorded with that organization.
  2. Trail work will be defined as standard trail construction/reconstruction and repair or maintenance. Includes blazing, brushing, erosion control, etc. or any task designated by crew leader.
  3. Only hours actually worked may be counted, do not include time you spent driving to and from home. (Use trailhead to trailhead time)
  4. At least (3) work outings (21 hours total) must be done with Trailwrights organized and led events. These are noted as such on the calendar.
  5. List organization, the date, work done, trail name.

After completion of the requirements, application may be made by writing to the Hiking Chairman of Trailwrights, 125 Ray St, Manchester, NH 03104. A special patch and certificate will be available to members for no fee. Nonmembers receive a certificate free and patches available at cost. Additional patches at cost. For more information on the Trailwrights 72 Summits Club, you can contact the Trailwrights Hiking Chairman at bruce4trails@gmail.com