March 2021 Newsletter

As always we hope everyone is doing well. We’ll be having a handful of workdays this year but our annual meeting will still be held virtually. The meeting will be held on April 11th, at 2:30PM on Zoom. A brief overview of our workday schedule is available here but check out our events page for more information:

  • May 15 – Artist’s Bluff clean up
  • June 26 – Mt. Pemigewasset clean up
  • July 17 – Artist’s Bluff work day
  • July 31 – Mt. Pemigewasset work day

These work days will all begin at 8:30 AM, contact Ray Jackson or Hal Graham for more details.

Congratulations to Dianne & Matthew Sikes who’ve completed their 72 summits list!

July 2020 Newsletter

We hope that all of you and your family members are safe and healthy. We are disappointed that we have not been able to meet recently. Due to NH State regulations, we will not be working on State properties until further notice.

Come join the us on August 1st, our first work day of the year at the Dottie Bean Property. See the events page for more information on this workday.