November 2021 Newsletter

Trailwrights had a great year in 2021 – much good work was done in Franconia Notch and for Dottie Bean. Unfortunately, she passed away in August and we will not be returning to her trails.

Trailwrights had a total of 10 outings this year, plus hours for handling the trailer, for a total of 841 man hours. We spent 3 days on Artist’s Bluff and 5 days on Mt. Pemigewasset Trail (conveniently hiding the tools). Many rock steps were placed, much hardening, blazing, and trail definition. There were 42 different people that came out, including the regulars. We missed Hal this year, and hope he’ll feel better next year. Many thanks to Karl Gould, Ray Jackson, Rick Fregeolle, and Steve Marion, for their participation and leadership, and to all others who came out regularly. We also enjoyed meeting the peak baggers who were required to spend three work days with us.

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