Trail Work Reports 2010

June 5, 2011 – Dan Doan Tr. National Trails Day

With a poor weather report and smaller turn out, we concentrated on getting more of the badly needed erosion control rather than doing repair work. We did get in five rock reinforced water bars, and cleaned all water bars and drainage from the two previous years and continued adding to the trail side ditching on the lower road part. We had a great day after all and a special thanks to Cooperhill and Jason Berard for going ahead and cleaning out all the winter’s blowdowns. Glenn S., Dick, Hal & Peggy, Thane, Hamish, Darrell and Ray for the hard work involved. I hope we can continue the saving of this very neglected trail named in honor of a man so dedicated to hiking and the outdoors, who by the way was very supportive and a member of Trailwrights in its formative early years. It is the least we can do. 10 people x 7 hr. = 70 hr.

June 26, 2011 – Artist’s Bluff/Bald Mtn. Loop

Our adopted trail had 17 helpers to brush, blaze, remove blowdowns and move 13 large granite rocks after setting up a hi-line. All water bars and drainages on the loop were cleaned. Special thanks to the Pemi Valley Search and Rescue group with 10 members to complement the 7 Trailwrights. Also to Chief Allan for pizza. 17 people x 7 hr. = 119 hr.

July 17, 2011 – Mt. Pemigewasset Trail

Thanks to all 20 workers who gave a day of their busy lives to help us begin the rebuilding of this trail that gets so much use and a great family hike. Badly eroded in many places. Together we installed 16 water bars made of 8 rock, 6 rock reinforced earth, and 2 earth. Installed 6 granite block steps, 5 regular rock steps and 5 rock steps to harden a wet area. A 25 sq. ft. wet area was drained. Also contributing to the efforts were the Cardigan Highlanders under the leadership of Craig Sanborn, installing 2 rock and 1 earth water bar as well as quarrying rock for future steps. 15 Trailwrights 20 x 7 hr. = 140 hr.

August 28, 2011 – No. Twin Trail WMNF

5 Trailwrights members helped out on of our own on his adopted trail drainingand hardening several wet areas. We accomplished a lot with a small crew and all were happy with the results. Together we installed 6 rock steps, hardened the wet areas with rock step stones, replaced 1 wood water bar with all rock. 5 Trailwrights 2 others 7 x 7 hr. = 49 hr.

September 25, 2011 – Mt. Pemigewasset Trail

Trailwrights had fun with 11 happy workers who came from many parts of the area: Quebec, Maine, Massachusetts, and of course, NH. We chose a particularly eroded area to teach moving rock with a hi-line and place rock steps and build rock water bars and installing paving stones. Those interested in numbers: Installed 9 rock steps, 13 paver stones, 2 rock water bars, 2 earth water bars. 5 Trailwrights and 6 others 11 x 7.5 hr. = 82.5 hr. We also enjoyed a great meal provided by the Indian Head Resort to whom we are grateful, thanks to Gene Bouley.

October 10, 2011 – Artist’s Bluff/Bald Mtn. Loop

Back to our adopted trails for more fun. 5 Trailwrights and 2 PemiValley S&R worked together again. All water bars and drainages were cleaned and ready for spring. The rest of the day was spent on the Short Circuit Trail that connects the Loop. This work consisted of side hilling and crib construction. The numbers: Installed 13 rock steps, 15 Lin. Ft. of side hilling and 30 Lin. Ft. of Rock cribbing. 5 Trailwrights 2 PVSR 7 x 8 hr. = 56 hr.

October 30/31, 2011 – Mount Tom State Reservation, Holyoke,MA

Trailwrights members Mike and Sue Zlogar, Dave Dick, Paul Chartier, Darrell Hamilton and Raynold Jackson, gathered at the Mount Tom Reservation in Holyoke, Mass. with 23 volunteers recruited by the AMC Berkshire Chapter.

The Metacomet-Monadnock Trail Committee and the Friends of the Mount Tom Reservation requested help from Trailwrights to plan and lead a project to restore about 300 yards of trail that has been eroded. Trail adopter Elbert Bowler had identified this heavily used section as a priority based on hiker safety. There is evidence that this section of trail was used by native Americans going back at least 1000 years. The advisory group and DCR wants to maintain this historic route. The trail also includes two sets of rock steps constructed by the CCC, a feature that is important to the historic trail. In 2009 the trail was designated as a National Scenic Trail. The New England Scenic Trail (NET) includes the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail and the Massabeset Trail in CT. The trail is on a traprock ridge which provided abundant material (basalt and sandstone) from which to construct a durable treadway.

During the two days we worked, the volunteers:
– Quarried large and small rocks to build crib walls to stabilize the trail
– Excavating and sidehilling were required the full length of the run to provide a safe tread way considering the severe drop off
– Installed 8 rock steps on the approximately 250 feet of trail that ascended at 25% grade
– Employed an AC powered hammer drill to establish the tread way in an area of bedrock
– Reconstructed a switchback, installing 4 steps and regarding the approaches
– About 100 feet of trail was sidehilled to rebuild the tread way
– At the lowest section, we widened, hardened, and reinstalled 5 rock steps for better stability.
– About 400 feet of tread way was graded to create an out-slope for better drainage.

The work, camaraderie and the food made for an ideal two day experience. Special thanks to the M & M Trail Committee for providing food for all the volunteers. We were greeted with a continental breakfast and provided snacks and lunch on the trail and ended with pizza at the end of the day.

Thanks to Mike and Sue Zlogar for all the scouting and planning days which made the job easier.