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  • July 2021 Newsletter

    A little history about Trailwrights and
    Artist’s Bluff:
    In 1989, the Park Manager, Charles Whiting,
    approached Hal Graham and asked if the
    Artist’s Bluff trail was salvageable or they
    would close it down. Hal looked at it and said it
    could be saved if we could find rocks. The
    ones there had to stay in place or the whole
    side would fall down! They looked at the
    curbstones left over from the building of the
    parkway and Hal said yes, it’s possible, but
    how are we going to get them there?
    Charlie had a small load dropped off
    and they sat until NH Trails day, July 15, 1989
    when a couple of rocks were taken up by
    young men in the group that day. Then, in
    1990, we were contacted by Bob Miller of the
    Shock Incarceration Unit of the state prison
    asking if we needed volunteers. They began
    carrying the rocks up in 1991 so we could put
    in all those steps. Then they carried up bags
    of crushed rock to prevent erosion above the
    junction to the bluff. They stopped in 1996.
    In recent years, Trailwrights has
    discovered the art of cutting rocks. and has to
    reset many of the steps because hikers are
    trying to bypass them, which erodes the
    already fragile trail.
    That’s why we adopted that trail and
    work on it every year now.
    Peggy Graham

    Special notice!!!
    We would like to welcome Karl Gould
    into our directors as treasurer. And to
    gratefully acknowledge the years of
    service from Ralph Potter in that
    position. We have such dedicated
    directors for which we are thankful.

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  • March 2021 Newsletter

    As always we hope everyone is doing well. We’ll be having a handful of workdays this year but our annual meeting will still be held virtually. The meeting will be held on April 11th, at 2:30PM on Zoom. A brief overview of our workday schedule is available here but check out our events page for more information:

    • May 15 – Artist’s Bluff clean up
    • June 26 – Mt. Pemigewasset clean up
    • July 17 – Artist’s Bluff work day
    • July 31 – Mt. Pemigewasset work day

    These work days will all begin at 8:30 AM, contact Ray Jackson or Hal Graham for more details.

    Congratulations to Dianne & Matthew Sikes who’ve completed their 72 summits list!