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Updated 3/17/2018

Trailwrights Calendar: 2018

Board Meetings: Trailwrights Board of Directors meet on the third Monday of most months at the offices of the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) at 172 Pembroke Road, Concord, NH, 03301, until further notice. Our meetings start at 6:00 p.m. Contact a board member for exact dates and location.

Annual Meeting - Saturday April 14, 2018 at Fox Forest, Hillsboro NH

Fox State Forest, 309 Center Road, Hillsboro, NH 03244.  Contact any director for directions. Check our newsletter for directors phone and email information.

The day will begin at the garage at 9:00 a.m. where we remove the tools from the trailer, clean them, sharpen them, oil them, and lovingly return them to a freshly cleaned trailer. We should be done by noon, then take a break and have trail lunch in the building, or outside if the weather is nice.

The business meeting begins at 1:00 during ice cream, and the agenda this year includes: Election of officers Solidifying our schedule for the year (or first half) 72 Summits club update We may have a presentation by Fish & Game.

Then best of all is our potluck dinner. Bring what you like best to eat to share with others.

All members and interested guests are welcome.

Check back for possible updates.

- Trailwrights Board of Directors

Trailwrights Workdays and related events, 2018

2018 Workdays are being planned. Check back for details and updates!


Our hikes for 2018 are being planned. Please check back.

Hiking chairman Bruce Richards , and Hal and Peggy Graham , lead hikes throughout the year and welcome Trailwrights and friends to join them. Please e-mail or call to see what’s on their schedule and signup. Also check back here for scheduled hikes.

Check back for updates!