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Updated 11/14/2018

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Trailwrights Trail Work Reports: 2015


Saturday, May 9, 2015, Artist's Bluff/Bald Mountain Spur

A group of 11 members/friends of Trailwrights gathered to work on our adopted trails. We divided up into 3 groups to perform both needed maintenance as well as improvements to these trails. The first group of 2 refurbished the blazes on both trails using a brighter color selected by NH DRED for its greater visibility. The second group of 3 cleaned/repaired all water bars/drains and brushed the trails. The remaining 6 worked on improving 2 sections of the Artist’s Bluff Path on the Bald Mt side. In the first section, tackled in the morning, 8 rock steps were added with a side-hill ditch draining into a newly created rock water bar. After lunch, we moved up hill to the second area where 7 rock steps were created using several 4-bar rocks. Both staircases were screed in to encourage hikers to stay on the trail. Work in this area will be continued on a work day to be scheduled later this year. A total of 85 hours were put in for this, a most productive day. Follow the link to our Face Book page for pictures of the day’s effort. Bruce

Saturday, August 8, 2015, Mt. Pemigewasset Trail

A group of 12, comprised of Trailwrights, the adopter and others acquiring the hours to qualify for the Trailwrights Summit Club, put in a total of 93 hours making improvements to the trail. We split up into 2 groups. In a rough area the first group quarried and set 10 rock steps with cribbing added and installed 1 water bar. In another area a portion of the trail was creeping down slope due to erosion and to avoid numerous obstacles. The second group reconstructed approximately 130 linear feet of that section of the trail by removing the obstacles and, using side hilling to bring the trail back up slope, widened the treadway with cribbing added as well as installed 1 rock step and 1 water bar. Another rock step was added in another area to avoid a potential slip hazard. All in all, it was a most productive day with good weather and no bugs. Thanks to all for a job well done.

Saturday, August 15, 2015, Dan Doan Trail, Orford, NH

A group of 7 Trailwrights assisted James Munroe in performing much needed maintenance on his adopted trail. The following work was done to help alleviate significant muddy sections on the lower portion of the trail: 1. Improved 125 linear feet of trail-side ditching, 2. Installed 35 linear feet of stone cribbing with back fill from side hilling to raise the treadway, 3. Installed 8 rock step stones, 4. Installed 1 earth water bar, 5. Cleaned 3 drainages 10-20 feet long entering the trail side ditches to lower the water table. 6. Dug out several water bars. Additionally, 10 plus blow downs were cleared from the trail beginning at the summit along with brushing in the upper parts of the trail. A total of 54 hours were put in on this a most productive and fun day. Thanks to all for a job well done.

Saturday, October 17, 2015, Artist's Bluff/Bald Mountain Spur

On a day that was significantly better than forecast, occasional short snow squalls and sunny spells but no rain, 15 members/friends of Trailwrights gathered to work on our adopted trails. We had a number of volunteers join us for the first time; several were working on their hours to qualify for the Trailwrights 72 Summits Club. The erosion control was handled by a group of 7 who cleaned/improved all the water bars and ditches. The remaining 8 improved a section of the Artist Bluff path that had been started in the spring and then a short ways farther up the path, quarried rocks in the vicinity to create a rock staircase. The staircase consisted of 10 rock steps, 2 step stones with a rock water bar at the top and another at the bottom of the staircase. It was then screed and brushed in to encourage hikers to stay on the treadway. A total of 95 hours were put in on this a most productive day. Many thanks to all for a job well done.


Trailwrights Trail Work Reports: 2014

Year end Trailwrights Trail Work Report for 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014, Dan Doan Trail

Darrell picked 4-bar rocks to play with and we had only three bars J. Dan’s experience was a big help. Brian’s YOUTH and POWER made a huge difference and proved to be the difference on the day. James and I helped where we could. I did a lot of looking on in the beginning as I caught my breath from the hike in. They all together did manage to get a nice 7 rock staircase with scree completed about 4:30 and back to refreshments by 5:30. Thanks James for the cold ones. Thank goodness we had that strap. Meanwhile Peg and Theresa (what a worker) completed the short relo. Then the 4 of us completed the short relo we flagged last year. It will need side hilling and blazing in the future. We then moved up to the next relocation that avoids a very rocky/slippery area. We started at the spring and worked down to the old trail. It will need breaking in (Duffy) and blazing along with a couple smaller trees to be removed that need a bigger Saw other than a bow saw. We then came back down to head out, but Darrell had another problem rock so James jumped in as well as myself when I could fit in and man handled it into place. We also removed a couple of smaller recent blowdowns and Dan cleaned several water bars on the way in because some of us were a little slow hiking in (Winking smile). I don’t remember being quit that steep in a couple places. It was a rewarding and fun day with decent weather. Still very much work is needed. A full day or two of additional water bars is needed above the Staircase to the upper relo. A few on the section below would not hurt. I think Dan D. would have been proud of the work accomplished so far. As a Trailwright member and friend “This day was for you”. We are all part of the Family. Thanks Ruth and Don for the send off much appreciated. See our facebook page for photos. Hal

Saturday, August 2, 2014, Mt. Pemigewasset Trail Franconia Notch State Park

On Saturday, Aug 2nd, Hal, Peg, Darell, Theresa, Barb, Jeff, Eugene and two of his friends (maybe not any longer) Doug, and Jack Proceeded to start building a rock stair case in a badly eroded gully about 2/3 up the trail. The usual large rocks at the base took a while but once set the Steps went along very smoothly. We managed to install 12 rock steps in the gully. At the top was a large rock water bar that had rocks too high so we dropped two down to proper height and made them into a step. One LARGE rock was left to use to back up the water bar at a later time. A Darell 5 bar rock with 4 bars J. Screed the entire section. Much more to be done with at least two more sections of trail in the same eroded category. My thanks to all for such a successful day and special thanks to Doug and Jack. We had a hiker join us and volunteered to help from Noon to the end. Thanks Nate for a job well done. He says he will try again. Not a bad day with some 85 hrs. total. We got back to the trail head at 5:30 weary, tired but very satisfied with the whole day. For pictures here This report by Hal Graham

Trailwrights Trail Work Reports: 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013, Mt. Kearsarge South Trail Work Report

Nine hearty Trailwrights met to do some needed rock work on the Rollins Trail in Rollins State Park. This short trail is heavily traveled and a favorite with families with small children.

We tackled two areas of concern as both needed rock steps and some smoothing of the treadway. We quarried rocks from the adjacent area to install 6 single rock steps and 3 double rock steps in both locations for a total of 18 steps. Additionally, all water bars and ditches were cleaned. Not a bad day at all. Lots of fun as usual. Great views for lunch and hardly any BUGS!!!. Pictures posted here. - Hal

May 24 & 27 – and June 1 & 2 2013 - Chatham Trails Work weekends

Weekend 1: We constructed about 100 yards of new trail to move the trail to higher ground and out of a perennially wet area. The USFS reviewed my proposal and after the field visit approved the plan. We had 8 volunteers (6 Saturday, 4 Sunday working on the project. - Mike

Weekend 2: CHATHAM Trails - Deer Hill bypass. About 600 or 700 feet with a lot of mucky spots and a stream crossing. Two rock steps for that, and about 20 rocks in the treadway hardening area (see first photo). This was on the second weekend, June 1& 2 at Cold River Camp. - Ray J.


Saturday, June 22, 2013 - Mt. Pemigewasset Trail Work Report

A turnout of 9 Trailwrights and 1 friend of Trailwrights made for a nice work day getting some badly needed erosion control and trail improvements completed. As usual there is plenty more to do as you all know, a never ending effort.

The hike up to about 2/3 of the way seemed to me to be the hardest part of the day. The work was the easiest part.

In all we did some 200 feet of treadway improvement moving the treadway to the west side of a drainage that is continually wet most of the time. Due to the extent of the water flowing down slope onto the treadway, we installed 3 water bars, one larger earth bar at the top of the section to shunt water out of the area, one off to the side in the woods and another immediately above the main drainage. We smoothed and widened the main drainage and removed a lot of barriers (roots and rocks) that impeded the water flow in the drainage.

We installed some 6 rock steps, filled in low spots with gravel completing the treadway in the lower half with an additional 2 rock steps in the upper half. The visible old treadway was screed in and partially concealed with brush to keep hikers on the new section.

The main ditching project was some 150 feet long and additional side drainages of 30 feet and 20 feet.

As we completed this section we experienced some showers but they were no problem due to the protection afforded by the tree canopy and caused no safety issues.

We packed up the tools and headed out. It was much easier returning to the beginning than it was going up. Maybe that was just my imagination.

A personal Thank You to the crew for a job well done. That message was continuously given us as hikers went by all day making it ALL worthwhile. - Hal

10 people X 6hours = 64 Total. Here's a link to all the pictures taken:

Saturday, August 3, 2013 - Kearsarge Trail, Mt. Kearsarge North Trail Work Report

A group of 7 Trailwrights and 1 friend of Trailwrights spent a combined 60 hours rehabilitating the first 100 yards of the Kearsarge trail. This section contained a boggy area through which passed a badly deteriorated turnpike and a large mud pit immediately above it.

We worked basically in 2 groups of 4 each. One group worked with the badly deteriorated turnpike section accomplishing the following: Refurbished approximately 170 feet of turnpike by relocating timbers on west side (left side facing up hill) effectively narrowing the treadway that had been pushed aside by roots and years of neglect. Removed roots and other growth on treadway between and on the timbers primarily on the west side. This was needed to move the timbers. Crushed rocks with a sledge hammer to create small stones for use on the turnpike treadway. Widened the drains between the sections of turnpike to increase drainage from the west side drains and the bog on the west side to get it headed somewhat down slope on the east side. Gravel quarried in the woods farther up trail was placed on treadway between timbers effectively increasing the tread height at or near to the height of the timbers. More gravel is required to complete the improvement. Secured relocated west side timbers and end timbers between the sections with metal spikes and /or wooden stakes to keep them in position. Added a ditch along most of the west side of the turnpike. Brushed along both sides of the turnpike.

The other group set step stones in the large mud pit immediately above the turnpike and accomplished the following: Removed the logs and other debris from the mud pit. Installed 13 step stones with scree in the large mud pit from rocks quarried in the vicinity. Enlarged the ditch at bottom of mud pit to get water out and into the woods on the east side.

All in all, a great day weather wise, with significant improvements made and virtually no interference from biting bugs. Another work day will be planned to complete the rehabilitation. Bruce

Before, view toward parking lot
After, view toward parking lot
Before, deteriorating turnpike and boggy area
Before, another view of deteriorating turnpike and boggy area
After, Ray surveying new 13 step stones and cribbing
After, another view of refurbished turnpike
After, view from parking lot

Saturday, September 14, 2013 - Mt. Kinsman Trail Work Report

A group of 8 Trailwrights spent a combined 76 hours installing rock steps and a rock water bar immediately above the third water crossing located two miles from the parking lot and just below the junction with Bald Peak spur. Additional rocks were placed as step stones at that area. Other rocks were quarried to be set as rock steps at a later date.

All in all, a great deal was accomplished despite high water levels that impeded the work progress. It was a day with cool weather that is great for moving rock, no rain to speak of and no bugs. Another work day will be needed to complete installation of rock steps in this area. Bruce

New Kinsman Trail road sign

Waterfall at second water crossing

Step stone just rolled down rock bars at 3rd water crossing

Moving step stone other side of bar towards tree on lower left.

Quarrying 2nd rock, bar against 1st in foreground.

Second rock near final location.

Rock steps to be - two by log, one off trail up slope.

Removing obstacles from new waterbar location.

Digging the water bar.

Completed rock water bar.

Rolling the rock with bars.

Third water crossing - first 3 new rock steps, end-on view.

Saturday, September 28, 2013 - Mt. Kinsman Trail Work Report

A group of 4 Trailwrights spent a combined 40 hours continuing the work started on September 14th, a long day for certain. This area is at the third water crossing just below the Bald Peak junction, 2 miles from the parking lot. We quarried rocks from the vicinity, some of which were installed as rock steps and others used to reinforce the up-stream side of the lower rock steps or placed as scree. The left side of the trail facing up hill was brushed in. We installed 5 rock steps, adding to the 3 placed on the 14th. Unlike on the 14th, the water levels in the streams were at seasonal lows. The cool temps were great for moving rock and no bugs. A big thanks to all those who assisted in the needed improvements made to a badly eroded section of my adopted trail.

As a side note, on the 14th the majority of hikers passing by were headed for the Kinsmans, those representing the FOT48 for S. Kinsman, an AMC over 55 group for N. Kinsman and several independent groups. On the 28th, the majority headed to Bald Peak.

Please visit our Facebook page to view photos from this work day.


Saturday, October 19, 2013 – Trailwrights’ Work Report - Artist Bluff/Bald Mountain

A most productive day was had by 12 members/friends of Trailwrights, performing both needed maintenance as well as improvements to these trails. A group of 3 cleaned all water bars/drains and removed 2 blow downs. The other 9 folks working on the Bald Mt. Spur added 3 rock water bars, 14 rock steps and relocated 2 large rocks blocking the trail. The loop is now ready for winter, having finished on a high note. Please visit our Facebook page to view photos from this workday.  Bruce


Trailwrights Trail Work Reports: 2012

June 2 - Mt. Pemigewasset June 23 - Artist Bluff July 14 - Dan Doan Trail
July 21 - Mt. Kinsman Trail August 11 - Temple Glass Works Sept. 8 - Bolles Trail
October 18 - Mt. Kinsman 2011 Trail Work reports 2010 Trail Work Reports

Sat. June 2, 2012 – National Trails Day, Mt. Pemigewasset, trail work report.

9 Trailwrights turned out in the rain to tackle the erosion problem near the two tunnels of the Parkway. Fortunately it was only some 1/2 mile from the parking lot that allowed us to wheel in a wheelbarrow to aid in bringing back a lot of the gravel that had washed from the trail revealing some 90 feet of textile fabric see photos. The days project included installing a rock waterbar above the granite steps to protect them and at the same time stop some of the water from washing below the granite steps and gullying and exposing the fabric cover. A little further down we installed another water bar just above the steeper section where the fabric was uncovered, then a rock step to cut the grade some. We installed another earth water bar and two more rock steps in this same section. We hauled gravel to fill in the washed out part and regraded the entire section covering the 100 feet of fabric back over. Cleaned some 100 lin. feet of ditching on each side of the trail where the waterbars empty into ending in the man holes.

Below the second tunnel we cleaned out some 80 feet of trail side ditch into a culvert that was completely blocked with silt and debris. We discovered two large 4ft.dia. steel manholes that were under 8'' of silt built up since the parkway was finished, along with two more further up from that site and 2 steel culverts also plugged up from neglect. We cleaned all of them but discovered another man hole that we partially cleaned but is working. Ran out of time discovered as we were leaving the site. Meanwhile a second crew was setting 12 step stones down lower in the ground that were being ignored by hikers and had the soil around them washed away over the years or were never down to start with. Installed two more waterbars in this same section removed decayed matter that was holding water and replaced with good gravel.

We did not have time to complete the entire fabric section but for now it is recovered and protected until it can be finished. It needs more steps to cut the grade. If only we could obtain more of the granite we used previously for more steps. We were wet by this time (3pm) and we all moved up the notch to our Bald mt. /Bluff trail where we proceeded to take out a 2 foot large blowdown across the trail some 200 feet up from the jct. of Bald towards the Bluff. Considering the conditions we had a great time, not too wet but we did get a little muddy doing all the things our mothers would tell us not to do. Totals for the day Mt.Pemi. Trail 9 Trailwrights X 6.5 hours = 58.5 hours. Bald Mtn./ Artist Bluff Loop 7 Trailwrights 3 working 4 watching and helping clean up (why should we be different?) 7 X 1 hrs. - 7 hours 2 Trailwrights cleaned waterbars on Bald /Mtn. Trail 2 X 1 hrs. = 2 hours Total = 9 hours

Sat. June 23, 2012 – Artist’s Bluff, Franconia Notch, trail work report.

Seven Trailwrights gathered to make another treadway improvement on the Artist Bluff side of the Bald Mtn./Artist Bluff Path. Bill MacLean, Theresa Ludwick, Bernie Calder, Greg Russell, Ralph Potter, Peg and myself.

In a section below the Bluff there were some rocks that were too high causing people to go around them causing trail creep in a short but steep section. We installed Steps to cut the grade down and screed the sides to keep traffic on the steps. We also made an earth water bar just above this same area where hikers also went around high rocks. So we removed the larger rocks and developed the used worn in area as a water bar. Blocking it off forcing hikers back onto the smoothed treadway. Two double rock steps were installed along with two single steps.

Below this section was an old wood water bar that was several inches too high and a moderately steep short section with signs of erosion. We Tore out the wood and installed a rock bar in it's place, then installed 4 single rock steps to cut the grade. Greg was leading this project for his first one with Trailwrights. Good job!!.

We were about to do some more steps back where we first started but Thunder was making it's presence with darkness and rain coming so we decided to make it a day rather than get another project started that we would not have time to finish. Arived back at the trailhead the same time as the rains.

We were satisfied with the improvement and plan to return to finish up with more improvements. One step at a time. Unfortunatly darkness prevented good pictures of the finished work. And as usual we forgot to take before but attached are two.

Thanks to all for the dedication and hard work.

Saturday, July 14, 2012 - Orford N.H. The Dan Doan Trail, trail work report.

Seven hearty workers hit the trail to make some needed improvements. We decided to start at the farthest project for the day and work back. The first project was to decide what to do with this section of Boggy wet quagmire and corduroy.

We decided to move the treadway to higher and drier ground due to no drainage possibilities. It involved laying it out with flagging by Jason staying high and coming back to the road some 700 feet later. Problem one solved, as Gene finished up near the end of the improvement.

Next on the list was a section of trail still in the old skid road near a rock Culvert that had washed out due to lack of maintenance. The footing was loose rock and hard on the ankles. We filled one side in with small rock and covered the 25 lin. feet with gravel. Ditched the other side to get the water to enter the culvert.

Removed a 250 lb. rock with bars that was partially blocking the Culvert outlet. That took care of project #2. Side hilling to get the treadway out of another washed out area was on Jasons mind Sooo we tackled that next and Bill was caught working and jason supervising.

.Next was relocating the treadway again in a wet area moving the treadway side to side Installed 5 step stones to cross over and a few pavers and cleaning the ditch. More ditching is needed in the future .

Time and the heat started taking it's toll and we were happy with what we accomplished for the day. Bugs were not a problem except for Gene so all in all a fun day. Next time you hike this trail check out the work. Now for the future. Many projects need doing and lot's of rock work to be installed higher up above the Mousely Brook crossing including and one more really wet area above the Mousely Brook crossing that needs step stones or a turnpike. Hopefully we can get some more help for the September 15th. work day. Totals for the day 7 people x 7 = 49 hours. AND all tools accounted for. My thanks for all the fun to the entire crew.

Sat. July 21, 2012 – NH Trails Day. Mt. Kinsman Trail, Kinsman Notch Trail Work Report.

In keeping with the Trailwrights tradition of having a project to celebrate on this year’s NH Trails Day, we met at the Mt. Kinsman trailhead to help one of our own Trailwrights on his adopted US Forest Service trail along with two hard working representatives of the Forest Service, Jen Burnett and Giff Kriebel.

After the usual safety and tool use discussion, we hiked to the first project just over and on the Forest where we met a 14" Birch tree smack in the way of the first project, a wet area with seeps. 
Chris dispatched that in hurry with a little help from Darrell.

Dave and his crew installed 100 linear feet of trailside drainage ditch to get the water moving into a newly installed waterbar that should handle the new flow.  They also installed rock steps and rock set stones in the treadway. As usual, they ran into a rather large rock that had to be moved for the water bar.  All this was followed with a covering of soil.

Meanwhile a little farther up the trail Gene, Giff, and a crew tackled a wet and very rocky 50-foot section with seeps.  Drainage was installed in two places to take the water to an existing water bar hopefully controlling the seeps.  They then placed some 15 smaller step stones to harden and then filled between with soil.


At the same time, Hal and Jen led a crew on another wet area digging another 75-foot trailside ditch with another ditch emptying into that one to drain the area.  Darrell with help from Hal and Glenn installed 4 step stones to harden and improved the water bar outlet at the start of this section and used a good deal of gravel and soil from the waterbar outlet to fill around the step stones.

Finishing up this section the crew, with Hal and Darell in charge, moved up hill to install a new rock water bar.

At the Bald Knob Spur trail jct., Bruce and Jeremy tackled a bog bridge that was in serious disrepair, removed the pieces, and started draining the immediate area in the hopes a new bridge would not be needed.  A natural spring and seeps caused the flooding and mud in this area.  The natural spring outflow was cluttered with a tangle of blowdowns, roots, and rocks that were then removed.  A 14 foot ditch was dug along the uphill side of the trail to the spring and then across the trail and approximately 16 feet into the outflow area.  Rock steps were placed to reinforce the sides of the ditch across the trail and also placed cobble stoning in the treadway.  Thus, the need for a bog bridge was eliminated.

In all there were 15 Trailwrights working 7 hours = 105 hrs, and two Forest Service workers for 5.5 hrs = 11hrs, for a total 116 hours.
A really fun day with a lot accomplished. Thanks go out to all for the hard work but even better a good day protecting this particular resource.
May there be many more days such as this one. 

Sat. August 11, 2012 – Temple NH Glass Works historic site Workday Report

While the weather forecast did not sound promising a hearty band of workers showed up and accomplished the primary task for the day and more. 75 feet of ditch was realigned and hardened while at the same time leveling, widening, and smoothing the trail surface. One seasonal wet area was ditched to promote water to drain rather than pond. Another crew worked on encouraging water to drain through a stonewall to limit the ponding that occurs there and to allow for the soils to dry out. It looks like it will be a future bridge project as there is no opportunity to move the trail to a better location. In addition 4 new waterbars were installed and a handful of rocks were plucked from the trail surface. We were able to move a good sized rock using the Walk-E-Dog winch ( works and looks like a griphoist winch). We had just finished all that when it started to thunder and we got cooled off by a light rain. Pizza was provide at the Town Hall by the Project sponsors. Everyone agreed, a great day was had by all. Thanks to all that participated, it was an easy day for me. Bob Spoerl

Sat. September 8, 2012 – Bolles Trail Workday Report

Morning weather was not promising with low clouds and fog on the drive in. It turned out to be a perfect day for playing in the water. After meeting at the little bridge at Chocorua Lake a crew of 6 headed to the trail-head. Forest Service gave us permission to take a vehicle in behind the gate so the trailer was right at the work-site. We used the Clydesdale winch and the walk-e-dog winch ( a Chinese Griphoist copy). We used both winches a couple of times and additional cables,chains, and straps in multiple configurations but we were not able to use a high-line as initially proposed due to the size of the stones we chose and distances the rocks had to be moved. Five stones were moved into place to make the crossing easier for all. Workers were Dave Dick, Bob Spoerl, Bob Seston, Howard Mathews, Jean-Sebastien Roux, Bernie Calder and Tim Twitchell.

Thurs. October 18, 2012 – Mt. Kinsman Trail Work Report.

On Thursday, October 18, 2012, Hal Graham and I, both Trailwrights, collaborated to remove two blowdowns near the first water crossing on the Mt. Kinsman Trail.  The first was a Poplar Tree of which the upper forty feet had broken off the main stump about 15 feet above ground and landed vertically in the middle of the trail with the canopy tangled in the adjacent trees. 

As would be expected its removal was a multistep process.  Hal first probed the ground with a rock bar at the base and determined that the trunk and had sunk just over a foot into the ground.  We dug around the base removing rocks and roots to open it up the hole and free the base somewhat.

A come-along winch was attached to the base of the blowdown and a tree farther up the trail.  Due to the depth of the base in the ground the tree would not come free from the hole.  


 A crosscut saw and an ax were then used just to weaken the upper part of the tree from the base in the ground. 


 The come along was then able to separate the upper and lower parts and pull the upper part down facilitating the removal of the stump in the ground.  The come along was then relocated to pull the remainder of the tree down and across the trail. 

With the tree down within reach, saws made short and safe work in its removal. 

 The blowdown was removed and the trail cleaned up of debris.


 The second task involved the removal of a 12-inch diameter blowdown lying diagonally across the trail hung up in the adjacent trees just above the first water crossing.  A crosscut saw and an ax made short work of it.

It was a most productive and enjoyable day.  Totals for the day for 2 people x 7 = 14 hours.  Big thanks to Hal Graham and the use of his winch and crosscut to clear up these obstructions.  


Trailwrights Trail Work Reports: 2011

Saturday, June 4 National Trails Day Orford N.H. The Dan Doan Trail
Check this link for a report on the work done on this workday, and photos!

Saturday, July 16: N.H. Trails Day, Mt. Pemigewasset Trail Franconia Notch State Park
Check this link for a report on the work done on this workday, and photos!

Trailwrights Trail Work Reports: 2010

June 5, 2011 - Dan Doan Tr. National Trails Day. With a poor weather report and smaller turn out, we concentrated on getting more of the badly needed erosion control rather than doing repair work. We did get in five rock reinforced water bars, and cleaned all water bars and drainage from the two previous years and continued adding to the trail side ditching on the lower road part. We had a great day after all and a special thanks to Cooperhill and Jason Berard for going ahead and cleaning out all the winter's blowdowns. Glenn S., Dick, Hal & Peggy, Thane, Hamish, Darrell and Ray for the hard work involved. I hope we can continue the saving of this very neglected trail named in honor of a man so dedicated to hiking and the outdoors, who by the way was very supportive and a member of Trailwrights in its formative early years. It is the least we can do. 10 people x 7 hr. = 70 hr.

June 26, 2011 - Artist's Bluff/Bald Mtn. Loop, Franconia Notch S.P. Our adopted trail had 17 helpers to brush, blaze, remove blowdowns and move 13 large granite rocks after setting up a hi-line. All water bars and drainages on the loop were cleaned. Special thanks to the Pemi Valley Search and Rescue group with 10 members to complement the 7 Trailwrights. Also to Chief Allan for pizza. 17 people x 7 hr. = 119 hr.

July 17, 2011 - Mt. Pemigewasset Trail, Franconia Notch S.P. Thanks to all 20 workers who gave a day of their busy lives to help us begin the rebuilding of this trail that gets so much use and a great family hike. Badly eroded in many places. Together we installed 16 water bars made of 8 rock, 6 rock reinforced earth, and 2 earth. Installed 6 granite block steps, 5 regular rock steps and 5 rock steps to harden a wet area. A 25 sq. ft. wet area was drained. Also contributing to the efforts were the Cardigan Highlanders under the leadership of Craig Sanborn, installing 2 rock and 1 earth water bar as well as quarrying rock for future steps. 15 Trailwrights 20 x 7 hr. = 140 hr.

August 28, 2011 - No. Twin Trail W.M.N.F. 5 Trailwrights members helped out on of our own on his adopted trail drainingand hardening several wet areas. We accomplished a lot with a small crew and all were happy with the results. Together we installed 6 rock steps, hardened the wet areas with rock step stones, replaced 1 wood water bar with all rock. 5 Trailwrights 2 others 7 x 7 hr. = 49 hr.

September 25, 2011 - Mt. Pemigewasset Trail, Franconia Notch S.P. Trailwrights had fun with 11 happy workers who came from many parts of the area: Quebec, Maine, Massachusetts, and of course, NH. We chose a particularly eroded area to teach moving rock with a hi-line and place rock steps and build rock water bars and installing paving stones. Those interested in numbers: Installed 9 rock steps, 13 paver stones, 2 rock water bars, 2 earth water bars. 5 Trailwrights and 6 others 11 x 7.5 hr. = 82.5 hr. We also enjoyed a great meal provided by the Indian Head Resort to whom we are grateful, thanks to Gene Bouley.

October 10, 2011 - Artist's Bluff/Bald Mtn. Loop, Franconia Notch S.P. Back to our adopted trails for more fun. 5 Trailwrights and 2 PemiValley S&R worked together again. All water bars and drainages were cleaned and ready for spring. The rest of the day was spent on the Short Circuit Trail that connects the Loop. This work consisted of side hilling and crib construction. The numbers: Installed 13 rock steps, 15 Lin. Ft. of side hilling and 30 Lin. Ft. of Rock cribbing. 5 Trailwrights 2 PVSR 7 x 8 hr. = 56 hr.

Total for above work days: 526.5 hours.

October 30/31, Saturday/Sunday, 2011  – Mount Tom State Reservation, Holyoke,MA

Trailwrights members Mike and Sue Zlogar, Dave Dick, Paul Chartier, Darrell Hamilton and Raynold Jackson, gathered at the Mount Tom Reservation in Holyoke, Mass. with 23 volunteers recruited by the AMC Berkshire Chapter.

The Metacomet-Monadnock Trail Committee and the Friends of the Mount Tom Reservation requested help from Trailwrights to plan and lead a project to restore about 300 yards of trail that has been eroded. Trail adopter Elbert Bowler had identified this heavily used section as a priority based on hiker safety. There is evidence that this section of trail was used by native Americans going back at least 1000 years. The advisory group and DCR wants to maintain this historic route. The trail also includes two sets of rock steps constructed by the CCC, a feature that is important to the historic trail. In 2009 the trail was designated as a National Scenic Trail. The New England Scenic Trail (NET) includes the Metacomet-Monadnock Trail and the Massabeset Trail in CT. The trail is on a traprock ridge which provided abundant material (basalt and sandstone) from which to construct a durable treadway.

During the two days we worked, the volunteers:
• Quarried large and small rocks to build crib walls to stabilize the trail
• Excavating and sidehilling were required the full length of the run to provide a safe tread way considering the severe drop off
• Installed 8 rock steps on the approximately 250 feet of trail that ascended at 25% grade
• Employed an AC powered hammer drill to establish the tread way in an area of bedrock
• Reconstructed a switchback, installing 4 steps and regarding the approaches
• About 100 feet of trail was sidehilled to rebuild the tread way
• At the lowest section, we widened, hardened, and reinstalled 5 rock steps for better stability.
• About 400 feet of tread way was graded to create an out-slope for better drainage.

The work, camaraderie and the food made for an ideal two day experience. Special thanks to the M & M Trail Committee for providing food for all the volunteers. We were greeted with a continental breakfast and provided snacks and lunch on the trail and ended with pizza at the end of the day.

Thanks to Mike and Sue Zlogar for all the scouting and planning days which made the job easier.

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