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Updated 05/15/2011



Newsletter of Trailwrights, Inc.


   As we enter 2007, and an unusually warm winter, this is also the 20th anniversary of Trailwrights, Inc.
   On Sunday, February 11, at 1 p.m., all members of Trailwrights, who have worked on trails are invited to a complimentary celebration dinner at the Weathervane Restaurant, Dover Road, Chichester, NH, beginning at 1 p.m.
   At a meeting of the Trailwrights Board of Directors last fall, it was voted unanimously to invite all trailworkers to the celebration. There is no charge for Trailwrights members who have participated in trail building and/or maintenance during the past 20 years.
   RSVP, ASAP to treasurer Ralph Potter (603) 228-2366 or president Ray Jackson (978) 597-8813 or e-mail: The reservation deadline is Thursday, February 8. The Weathervane is located on Dover Rd., Rt. 4, at the end of Rt. 393.
   After a winter and holiday break, the Board of Directors will resume the regular meeting schedule. Our next meeting is February 19 at the Audubon Society’s McLane Center, 3 Silk Farm Road, Concord, NH. beginning at 7 p.m.
   With a rebuilt come-along and a new 60-foot grip hoist cable, we should be ready for the spring workshops. The full schedule will be available in the March issue of Trailwrites.
   The first project will be those we tabled last fall - we simply ran out of time and people power. One project is the Contoocook, River canoe launch site in Henniker, NH. Secondly, we’ll work on a project with the Northfield New Hampshire Conservation Commission.
   From now and throughout the year, we will discuss other ways to celebrate and share our 20 years of helping trail groups achieve training and skills to maintain trails.
   We are also working to keep our Web site up to date and to keep our members informed of our activities.
   Hope to see you on the trails and at dinner on February 11.

Raynold Jackson



   Trailwrights completed two workshops for the Audubon Society - our gracious and generous hosts, who provide our monthly meeting space.

   On Aug. 6 at Bellamy River in Dover, NH we worked on three miles of trail that needed maintenance and rerouting due to river encroachment. Six Trailwrights completed three sections of rerouting, pruning, opening and reblazing the entire trail.

   On Aug. 26 at Willard Pond (Mill Pond) in Hancock, NH, Trailwrights and Audubon caretaker Char Russell worked all day with 100-foot cable, grip hoist, additional cables and bars to build a staircase. Several large rocks were mined and slung into place with pulleys to allow hikers safe access from the dam to the bridge and the Mill Pond trail.